Travel Grants

As of ISME agenda to support early-career Microbial Ecologists, SARSME 2020 will provide twenty (20) travel awards of approx. US$ 400.00 – US$ 500.00 to each outstanding researcher/Microbial Ecologists from Southeast Asian countries. Among travel awards, 8-10 travel awards are reserved for women Microbial Ecologists of the region. The selection will be based on the evaluation of abstracts and CVs of needy participants. However, inclusiveness from under-represented participant countries will be carefully considered.

Apply for Travel Grant

Please send your application for the grant via email to (

Grant Application must include title (and authors) of the abstract, letter of recommendation from the applicants’ affiliated institute, and the curriculum vitae of the applicant.

Please note that travel grant will NOT be considered, if abstract has not been contributed by the applicant as presenting author.


In order to encourage students and early career Microbial Ecologists of the Southeast Asia region, a total of eight (8) prizes will be given to best presenters and interjectors. A nominal cash prize will be distributed for two (2) oral presenters and two (2) poster presenters during the symposium. Best interjector prize of nominal cash will be awarded to four (4) participants of the Computation Biology training /Scientific writing workshops.