SARSME 2020 is focused on orientating the recent global trend on microbial ecology with invited keynote lectures, understanding the situation of microbial ecology research in Southeast Asia with presentations from Microbial Ecologists of this region, and capacity building of early career microbial ecologists of the region with training workshop.


The symposium will have comprehensive discussions on microbial ecology research, outcomes, opportunities and challenges. Keynote lectures will be delivered by distinguished researchers and professors of microbial ecology including Board Members of the ISME from Europe, America and other parts of the world. Microbial ecologists/microbiologists of Southeast Asia region including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Myanmar, Bhutan, Maldives etc. are invited to present their recent research and issues associated with microbial ecology in the region.

Training workshops

Pre-symposium workshop on “Hands on training in Computational Biology for (Meta) Genomics Analysis” will be organized. Mainly, Master/Ph.D. students, Postdoctoral and early career researchers who are working or planning to work on wider aspects of microbial ecology in this region are invited to register and attend the training workshop.

Click here for details of the Pre-symposium workshop

The brief Workshop on “Scientific Writing and Career Round Table” for Early Career Researchers (ECRs) will also be included during the Symposium that will help them develop their careers in Microbial Ecology.

Special Women Microbial Ecologists’ session

Female scientists including early career researchers are largely underrepresented in microbial ecology research in South East Asian countries. In order to encourage active participation of early career as well as mid-career female scientists to pursue microbial ecology, a special session will be organized as part of this Symposium. This special scientific session will bring female scientists of this region together and provide an opportunity to interact on their research issues.

ISME Ambassador Network Meet

During the Symposium, ISME international Board members and the Ambassadors for Southeast Asian countries will meet to discuss:

  • Current situation of microbial ecology in Southeast Asia
  • Strengthening research networks in microbial ecology in this region
  • Future plans to promote microbial ecology and ISME activities in this region